Any person can feel the need to talk to a psychologist at some point in their life.

Often the need to seek theraphy arises in connection to adverse experiences or traumatic events, followed by a crisis. Other times the need for self-reflection and development has matured over time.

I offer individual psychotherapy sessions and couples counselling in English, in my clinic in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen. I’m also happy to refer to my colleagues at Minoritetskonsulenterne, if you would prefer a therapist who speaks french, urdu, pashto or turkish.

Online or phone sessions for individuals are also possible. Hypnotheraphy and Couples Counselling needs to take place at the clinic.

I have specialized in:

  • young people and adults with ethnic minority background
  • couples counselling
  • crisis counselling
  • trauma treatment through psychotheraphy or in cooperation with a body therapist (DAP)
  • hypnotherapy and Ego-State therapy
  • leadership counselling in the psycho-social fields

I have firsthand experience of living and working in another country and have experience with counselling expats in Denmark and other countries, especially people working in areas of war or with relief work.

I offer psychotheraphy when:

  • you are an expat, and you find it difficult to settle in Danish work or social culture
  • you’re in a relationship with an ethnic Dane, and you need counselling regarding how to navigate cultural differences, family traditions and roles. If you have formed a family there could also be expectations regarding work ethics, child rearing practices, religion etc.
  • you’re in a relationship with someone from your own cultural background, but feel overwhelmed by the expectations from your families abroad or here
  • you’re homoseksual, and feel challenged by concepts of Family Honour, gendered expectations and reactions from people around you.

We will talk about love, the difficulties in your life/lives, the expectations, the duties, the differences, and the wishes and hopes for the relationships in your life/lives, social life´, friendships, sexuality, economy etc.

Call me at +45 3066 8343 or send me an email at psykolog@ingeloua.dk to book your first session.